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Ministry Door County Named One of 50 Top Critical Access Hospitals Nationwide

Becker’s Healthcare, a leading source of business and legal information for the healthcare industry, recently named Ministry Door County Medical Center (MDCMC) as one of the 50 Critical Access Hospitals to Know in 2015.

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There are more than 1, 300 critical access hospital in the United States, and MDCMC was selected as one of the 50 highlighted facilities for “going above and beyond to care for their patients.” To develop the list, the Becker’s team conducted research and used several reputable hospital ranking sources, including the National Rural Health Association, Healthgrades, and iVantage Health Analytics, who recently named MDCMC as one of the Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals in the country for the fifth consecutive year.

“We are honored to have been named by yet another third party as outstanding in the field of providing high-quality healthcare in a rural setting,” says Gerald Worrick, CEO of MDCMC. “This designation recognizes that we are leading the health and wellness of our community by providing a wide range of care – from our emergency department and sleep disorder center, to our cancer treatment center, four local clinics, and three rehab facilities. But it’s also a recognition of our trusted and experienced doctors, nurses and staff who provide quality care, close to home.”



Gregory Dobbins: Finding His Fit and Making a Difference

Gregory Dobbins and his wife, Judy, didn’t plan to end up in Door County. But after taking early retirement, they decided to leave their native state of California for a new adventure. “We figured we’d put the house on the market and take some time to decide where to move.” When their home sold in just two days, they packed up their Subaru and fate led them to Sturgeon Bay. “We drove into town and thought it was the perfect blend of east coast and Midwest. And we decided to stay.”

The couple began volunteering and noticed many of the causes they worked for, including health events, silent sports and arts events, had ties to Ministry Door County Medical Center. “We saw immediately that Ministry was supporting so much good work in the community, and we really enjoyed the people we met who were from the hospital.”


When Gregory’s former employer folded and he lost his health insurance, he decided to go back to work. “I knew I wanted to work at Ministry, and luckily, there was a position in the Materials Management Department that was perfect for me.”

Now Gregory can be found working in the linens department, whose monthly output is nothing to sneeze at. “Last month, we processed 32,000 pounds of laundry,” he says. Gregory enjoys being “out and about” as he visits up to twenty different areas of the hospital to collect and drop off linens. “People here are friendly and really caring. Everyone smiles and says hello, and no one is better than anyone else.” He also helps with mail service, and is cross-trained to provide services to central supply, providing medical supplies and equipment throughout the hospital and clinic.

But what Gregory enjoys most about his job at Ministry is the opportunity to mentor high school students through the Door County Career Training Program. “We teach the kids about respect, and about responsibility. We talk to them about the quality and efficiency of their work. For many of them, it’s their first work experience. And I can tell that we help make a difference in their lives.”

Gregory likes sharing his knowledge of Ministry’s services and community involvements with his friends and neighbors. “I’m a Mason, and also an avid member of the Door County Pickleball Club,” he says. “A lot of people have questions about the hospital, and I like being able to answer them.” Gregory even spoke to a crowd of 2,000 at the Ministry-sponsored Wifee and the HUZZband concert at the Peg Egan Performing Arts Center in July, sharing his pride in being part of Ministry’s community outreach events.

“We had a lot of people come up to the Ministry staff at the concert and thank us for all we do,” says Gregory. “It’s a great feeling to be a small part of that.”

Helping Local Employees Lose Big

When Door County manufacturer Therma-Tron-X (TTX) began a weight loss challenge with employees, they wanted guidance and support from a local healthcare expert. That’s where Ministry Door County Medical Center’s Occupational Health & Wellness Department stepped in. “We’ve been providing weekly onsite support for TTX’s weight loss program for four months,” says Jennelle Berg, Occupational Health & Wellness Outreach Assistant, who provides healthy living tips and weight-loss support to the more than 40 participants in the program.

“Ministry’s support of our weight loss program has touched so many lives here,” says Casey Bieri, Human Resources at TTX. “Jennelle is always 100% engaged with each person during their weigh-ins and has good feedback for them. She also takes the time to offer suggestions to me on what I can do to keep the group engaged.” The program features friendly competition between participants, identifying each month’s “biggest losers,” but the crux of the program is encouragement.


The key to weight loss is change in lifestyle habits, and those take time,” says Berg. “TTX gave pedometers to the program participants, which is a great start. I have many conversations with employees about their successes, like starting a daily habit of walking with family or with a pet. People are excited about their success, and they’re ready for more.”

The program still has a month to go, and both the Therma-Tron-X and Ministry teams are eager to see how results will continue. With about 40 of their approximately 200 employees engaged, the participation rate for TTX is outstanding. “We’re happy to be providing this opportunity, with Ministry’s assistance, to help our employees lead healthier lives,” says Bieri. Adds Berg “We’re not just supporting a weight loss program, we’re developing relationships with participants, which creates more confidence as they pursue their own personal growth. It’s really a joy to be part of the process.”

To learn more about how your local business can partner with Ministry’s Occupational Health & Wellness department, contact Matt Luders, Business Health & Wellness Executive, at (920) 746-3555.