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Runner Recovery Tips: Dr. Rory Johnson

Runner Recovery Tips: Dr. Rory Johnson




Running or biking a big event this summer? Dr. Rory Johnson, primary care/family medicine provider at Door County Medical Center Clinic Fish Creek has tips for a speedy post-race recovery:

  • Fuel. Have a light snack within 20 minutes. A four to one carbohydrate to protein ratio is ideal, such as banana with peanut butter or yogurt and granola. The evening after your run, have a decent meal balancing protein, carbs and fat.
  • Stretch. Within 30 minutes of finishing your run, stretch for 10-15 minutes, focusing on major muscle groups, with extra attention to any areas that felt sore during the event.
  • Hydrate. Within first 10-15 minutes, drink plenty of water or electrolyte drink, and keep up water intake for the rest of the day. “Even if the temperature is cool, you’ll lose lots of fluid. Keeping muscles hydrated will help prevent soreness.”
  • Rest. Put your feet up, or better yet, take a nap. If you need an excuse for a massage, now is the time!
  • Bathe. Within an hour or two of bed, take a warm bath. After a bath, stretch again before sleeping. A bath also helps with a good night’s sleep, another key factor in recovery.

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Kelsie Ladick: Touching the Community

Taking care of students from Gibraltar to Southern Door is all in a day’s work for Kelsie Ladick, LPN. Kelsie serves children through Door County Medical Center’s (DCMC) school nursing program. “Our mission is to keep local students healthy so they can learn and grow,” she says. A typical day for Kelsie includes illness and injury assessment, medication administration and educating staff on students’ medical needs and conditions.

LadickKelsie has been with DCMC since 2010, and has worked as a school nurse since 2014. Her first few years at the hospital, she worked in the Skilled Nursing Facility and the DCMC Clinic. “I’ve spent much of my career working with seniors, and now I am enjoying caring for children and seeing that end of the spectrum,” she says.

She says she and other school nursing staff are a resource for community members. “When DCMC made the transition to partnering with HSHS, we had a lot of school staff and parents asking us about that. We were able to tell them that the quality of care wouldn’t change, and they’d have access to more specialists.”

In the community at large, Kelsie is also a go-to person for other parents and kids. “I have two boys, so I spend a lot of time at sporting events, often in my scrubs,” she says. She often fields medical questions, and helps with injuries and assessments on the field and on the court.

DCMC’s school nursing program serves the Gibraltar, Southern Door and Sturgeon Bay districts.