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The Jody Boes Scholarship – A New Opportunity for DCMC’s Nursing Staff

Pam and Bill WelterUpon returning home in 2014 from ten days in the intensive care unit, one of the first things Pam Welter decided to do was write thank-you-notes to her attending staff at Door County Medical Center. “The two hospitalists were absolutely fabulous” Pam recalled, “the level of care was so high; there never was a bad day of care. Everyone they sent in was top notch. And the nurses were amazing; no question was too dumb. If you felt anxious they would sit with you—no medications—they would just help you through it.”

In fact, it was the nursing team that Pam and her husband Bill Welter were perhaps most impressed with and in looking back on their experience at DCMC, Bill and Pam now credit the excellent quality of nursing care to a business-wide culture of caring that is tied directly to Jody Boes; “Jody was in charge of everything. She came in and introduced herself and wanted to know what I thought,” Pam said, “and you know, who am I? But just like everyone that works under her, she wanted my opinion, she wanted what was best for my care.”

Jody Boes Scholarship

Jody Boes

As Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Patient Care Administration, Jody is responsible for all of the direct patient care departments in the hospital, which include emergency care, inpatient care, cardiopulmonary services, surgical services among others. “She’s the driver,” said DCMC’s Chief Quality Officer Christa Krause, “Jody sets high goals and achieves results, she keeps the nursing staff on track to high quality standards. I do believe that without her guidance we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Nursing seems to have been the profession that Jody was always drawn towards. “As a child,” Jody recollected, “I always carried around the doctor/nurse kit.” In 1969, her childhood dream was realized when, at the age of 18, she received a scholarship of $800 from a local hospital auxiliary to attend Bellin’s nursing program. Since then Jody has worked in Door County as a registered nurse for the past 45 years, first for the hospital then working with Dr. John Herlache, and rejoining the hospital that would eventually become Door County Medical Center. Jody also was a Captain in the United States Army nurse corps serving active duty during Desert Storm stationed in Heidelberg, Germany.

Jody Boes ScholarshipNow, looking toward retirement, and reflecting on the scholarship that she received, Jody is looking to support the nursing community in a similar way. In partnership with Bill and Pam Welter, the Jody Boes Scholarship was set up, providing nurses pursuing an advance degree at either the Masters or Doctorate level with $2,500 a year in funding. “I don’t want a competition between scholarships,” adds Jody, “the hospital auxiliary does a great job with undergraduate scholarships. I want to focus on individuals who are looking for an advanced degree in nursing—a Ph.D., or MSN, for example.”

Her reasons for looking to promote graduate nursing degrees are two-fold and focus on the increased level of skill that is required in the 21st-century and the changing demographics of rural communities. “The reality is,” Jody said “with regard to nursing, when I was a diploma graduate we managed nursing care in the hospitals. Now, nurses need to be better educated—they need to be the most educated—because they are the front line—they are the eyes, ears and hands for our physicians 24/7.  Also, as more and more baby boomers need health care, nurse practitioners in rural areas are going to become very important because, let’s face it, there is a physician shortage.”

“All we want to do is fund what Jody wants to do,” said Bill Welter, “We believe in supporting the community, in giving back to the community and in improving the community. That’s where we got the idea. We thought we could both help the community and recognize the work that Jody has done for the last 45 years.”

The Jody Boes Scholarship is available to eligible candidates of Door County Medical Center who are pursuing an advanced degree in nursing, including but not limited to: MSN; NP; CRNA; PhD; Clinical Nurse Specialist; and Clinical Nurse Leader. Applications open in January 2018. The first scholarship will be awarded in May around National Nurses Day.

The Community’s Garden – A Healthy Resource for All

According to the National Gardening Association, a well-maintained garden can yield roughly one ½ pound of produce per square foot during each growing season. For a 400-square-foot garden plot, this adds up to around 200 pounds of produce, worth an estimated $400 annually. For low-income families and individuals, this represents an excellent way to cut into the grocery bill.

Door County Community's GardenSince our first full growing season in 2010, The Community’s Garden has looked for ways to help local, low-income families enjoy not only the health benefits associated with growing your own food, but the financial benefits as well. At The Community’s Garden, the $40 rental fee for a 20’ x 20’ plot is waived for families that receive WIC or SNAP benefits through FoodShare, WI. The start-up costs associated with a new food garden, as well as the maintenance costs, are also close to non-existent; all of the necessary tools to get your garden started (and to keep it going) are provided on site, while the City of Sturgeon Bay donates mulch and compost. Additionally, at the beginning of each growing season, The Community’s Garden Board of Directors tills the soil, so when arriving in early spring all one needs to do is start planting!

One doesn’t need to be an expert!

Don’t let getting started intimidate you. One doesn’t need to be an expert to enjoy the benefits of The Community’s Garden! Our farmers come from all walks of life and have developed all levels of ability. “We will always welcome new gardeners,” says Carmen Schroeder, a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist at DCMC and board member of The Community’s Garden. “We have both seasoned and beginner gardeners and we’re always willing to help out. It’s a real community, there is a lot of sharing and educating going on.”

Community's Garden in Door CountyIn addition to the “on the job training” that comes from working alongside our more experienced farmers, The Community’s Garden offers a wide range of classes during the growing season. Our Food for Health series covers topics ranging from pest control to plant tending to food preservation. Learn how to create delicious meals from the food you grow. Learn how to pickle or can your veggies so you can enjoy them later in the year. All classes are open to the public and taught in the garden by experts, and all classes are free!

No time to garden? Try the Farmer’s Market!

While The Community’s Garden is an excellent resource for cheap and healthy food, gardening does take a good deal of time that not everyone has. At DCMC we understand that The Community’s Garden may not be an appropriate way for everyone to acquire healthy and inexpensive produce. In response, for the past two years, DCMC has worked with partners like The United Way and The City of Sturgeon Bay Farmer’s Market to increase access to fresh produce and whole foods for low-income individuals and families through the support of FoodShare, WI. In conjunction with FoodShare, DCMC is sponsoring a voucher program at the Sturgeon Bay Farmer’s Market “that allows participants to buy fresh, local produce and other wholesome foods at the market.” The Double Your FoodShare Dollars program also aims to incentivize healthy eating by doubling available funds. According to Sturgeon Bay public works/parks and recreation supervisor Bob Bordeau, “If you want to buy $10 [of produce] on your Quest card, you’ll be given $20 in [FoodShare] tokens.”

For more information on The Community’s Garden program, including information on classes, events, membership and plot rentals, please visit our website at Farmer’s market tours are offered at the Sturgeon Bay Farmers’ Market Information/EBT booth to FoodShare participants and other community members. For more information on the Sturgeon Bay Farmers’ Market please visit the City of Sturgeon Bay website or click here.