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Injured at Work? Door County Medical Center Can Help

Injuries on the JobThe Worker’s Compensation Act provides for payment of medical expenses and compensation for lost wages resulting from work-related injuries or disabilities.

As a provider of medical services in Door County, Door County Medical Center (DCMC) has a critical role within the worker’s compensation system. We act as the primary connection with the injured worker and we coordinate between insurers and the Worker’s Compensation Division.

The partnership between Door County Medical Center and Prevea Health experts makes it possible to have access to the same level of care that is available in any larger market including, but not limited to, diagnostics like x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, therapy and more.

Getting Back to Work, Safely

The best outcome for the employee – and the employer – is to minimize the amount of work missed and get employees back to their job. Door County Medical Center in partnership with Prevea Health, makes it a priority to get you back to work, safely and efficiently.

The role of the Prevea WorkMed Occupational Health team is to best understand the nature of the injuries, the nature of the work, the effect of the environment, and how your work affects you as you recover.

Select a Doctor of Your Choice

Caring Elderly ConceptAccording to the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, “When a worker reports an injury, the employer shall offer the worker the right to select a doctor of the worker’s choice for treatment.”

This means that the employee may select any provider, including nurse practitioner, physician, psychologist, chiropractor, podiatrist, etc., licensed to practice in Wisconsin. If the injury creates an emergency situation, the employer may make whatever arrangements are necessary for immediate treatment.

Additionally, if the employee is not satisfied with the first doctor s/he chooses, a second choice is allowed.

I’ve Been Injured at Work. Now What?

  1. Obtain any necessary medical attention immediately. This may include first aid, seeing a provider or going to the emergency room.
  2. Notify your employer without delay even if you think your injury is minor and will heal without medical attention. A delay may negatively affect your health and may even jeopardize your potential workers compensation benefits.
  3. Maintain all relevant medical and payment records for possible future use.

An employee who is injured at work or suffers from an occupational disease, is entitled to payment of all reasonable and necessary medical, surgical and hospital treatment relating to the injury including: doctor bills, hospital bills, medicines, medical and surgical supplies, crutches and artificial limbs. In addition, an injured employee is entitled to compensation for lost time and traveling expenses incurred for treatment or examination. Of course, all claims are subject to evaluation.

For more information on Worker’s Compensation guidelines in the state of Wisconsin, visit State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development online at

To schedule an appointment regarding a Worker’s Compensation case, please make an appointment with your primary care physician at Door County Medical Center, or with Prevea WorkMed Occupational Health directly. Start by calling (920) 746-0726.