Dr. Ronald Kodras, MD joining the DCMC Internal Medicine team

Dr KodrasDoor County Medical Center is pleased to announce that Dr. Ronald Kodras, MD will be joining our internal medicine team starting December 19, 2017. Dr. Kodras received his medical degree from the Univertisty of Kansas, School of Medicine, completed his internship and residency at Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, and served as Preceptor for Medical Students at the University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine-Madison. Now, Dr. Kodras is coming to us from Beloit Memorial Hospital, where he has practiced for 27 years.

“My wife and I had come to a point where we decided we needed to look for the place we wanted to retire—our final home, so to speak,” says Dr. Kodras. “We have a condo in Egg Harbor, and have been coming to, and enjoying Door County for years. We are both very active—we love to hike and bike and we’re bringing our cross-country skis and snowshoes—Door County seemed like a natural fit. However,” he adds, “I’m not ready to retire. My specialty is in Geriatric Medicine, and I was the Medical Director of the Stateline Area Memory Clinic in Beloit, so I’m looking forward to both bringing my expertise in memory care to Door County Medical Center and to working with older adults.”

Geriatric Medicine focuses on medical issues and diseases of aging—for those who are healthy or have a number of medical issues. Health care may become more complex as you age and encounter additional medical conditions. Dr. Kodras focuses on patients over the age of 50 and is an expert in the way medical conditions impact one another and how medical conditions and medications uniquely affect you as you age. As your overall health manager, Dr. Kodras will speak directly with your specialists, and together, identify the best course of action for you based on your current health. Using a team approach, he will also manage your care and work directly with those specialists making your care seamless.

Additionally, Dr. Kodras is planning a series of community talks for residents over 50. Talks will focus outdoor activities and will include topics like Traveling Abroad Over 50 and Hiking Over 50.

Our goal is to keep you active, healthy and independent. If your health becomes more complex as you age, Door County Medical Center and Dr. Kodras will be there to maintain your highest quality of life.