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American Diabetes Month Spotlights Prevention

November is National Diabetes Month. It’s also Thanksgiving, a time when Americans typically load their tables – and their plates – with a variety of foods. Ministry’s expert nutritional team can help you learn how to prepare and plan for delicious, nutritious meals that satisfy and also keep you healthy.

Carmen Schroeder, RDN, CDE is a certified diabetes educator. Along with her colleague, Ruth Norton, RN, CDE she works with primary care providers to offer diabetes education to patients, both one-on-one or in diabetes education classes. “It’s very fulfilling to help people, whether they’ve been dealing with a diabetes diagnosis for years or are newly diagnosed, to be the healthiest they can while still enjoying one of life’s great pleasures –food.”

Ministry Door County Medical Center is the only diabetes education program in the state recognized by the American Diabetes Association. “Our trained experts help patients with the three most important aspects of diabetes management: diet and managing carbohydrate intake, exercise and physical activity, and self-monitoring,” says Schroeder.

With more than 30 million Americans living with Diabetes, and 86 million managing prediabetes, it’s more important than ever to be aware of ways to manage and prevent this disease.

“Eating well is one of life’s greatest pleasure, and enjoying healthy, delicious food helps with diabetes management,” says Schroeder. “In addition to a healthy meal, why not make an after-dinner walk, hike or outdoor game part of your routine?”

MDCMC will offer a diabetes education course in December.  Taught by Certified Diabetes Instructors, the course is a series of three one-hour classes with topics including setting nutrition goals: carbs and diabetes, heart healthy dining, and understanding and managing your diabetes.  For more information, call 746-0510.